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Canned Pacific sardine

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    Pacific sardine is close in taste to herring. Small fish with tender nutritious meat is the leader in the content of omega-3 fatty acids. As part of the daily diet, it lowers cholesterol, strengthens the cardiovascular system, and improves brain functioning.

    Beneficial features of the Pacific sardine:

    • surpasses herring and other fish in terms of omega-3 content (mass fraction of fat averages 19.2%). This component is necessary for the development and functioning of the brain, the health of the heart and blood vessels, it protects against chronic inflammation, the causes of many ailments;
    • protein-rich Pacific sardine helps the body build new cells. In the absence of carbohydrates, it can be used in dietary nutrition;
    • fish contains many vitamins. PP normalizes cholesterol levels, strengthens the heart and blood vessels, and stimulates metabolism. B12 is essential for the prevention of thrombosis and is useful for sleep disorders. D promotes bone growth, strengthens immunity, and normalizes the thyroid gland and blood clotting.

    Canned Pacific sardines are used as a snack, added to the filling for pies. Whole pieces are suitable for sandwiches, and chopped pieces are suitable for croquettes. Canned fish is used for quick soups; it is added to side dishes and salads.

    The Ministry of Health recommends consuming at least 1 g of omega-3 per day. This amount of fatty acid is contained in one piece of natural canned Pacific sardine.

    fish (Pacific sardine), sunflower oil, salt, black pepper.
    Nutritional value:
    fat: 16 g, protein: 18 g
    Energy value:
    232 kcal / 971 kJ


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