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Baltic sprats

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    Of all types of canned fish, the most popular are "Quality Mark" Baltic sprats. This is exactly the product that has invariably been present on any festive table for several decades. The fish is good both as a standalone snack, part of sandwiches or in combination with various side dishes. The modern semi-hot smoking process gives the sprat a unique aroma, and the vegetable oil emphasizes the delicate taste.


    Beneficial features of Baltic sprats

    Small fish that lives in the Atlantic and Mediterranean waters is incredibly beneficial for the body. It contains a large amount of vitamins, fatty acids and trace elements, as well as easily digestible protein.

    By consuming this product regularly, you can: 

    • improve the work of the cardiovascular system;
    • make hair, skin and nails healthier;
    • to carry out effective prevention of atherosclerosis.

    It is possible and necessary to eat canned fish with bones and skin, because they contain the most valuable substances. Remember the taste of childhood by opening a can of appetizing sprats!

    Baltic sprats Sprattus sprattus balticus, refined sunflower oil, salt.
    Nutritional value:
    fat: 27 g, protein: 15 g
    Energy value:
    303 kcal / 1269 kJ


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