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Pacific sardine and herring

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    A monument has been erected to the man who gave herring to the world. Until the 15th century, no one could eat it: it tasted bitter. And then the fisherman Willem Jacob Beukelszoon from the village of Bierflint guessed to remove its gills, and then the gastronomic revolution happened: it turned out that all the bitterness was concentrated in the gills, and without them the herring made a splash and conquered Holland.

    Iwashi is a fish of the herring family, but it is most scientifically correct to call it the Pacific sardine. The name "iwashi" stuck to it due to the fact that the Japanese called the fish that way. From their language "ma-iwashi" is translated as "sardine". For 25 years, catching Pacific sardine has been banned. The fact is that in Soviet times they caught a lot and the reserves ran out. The populations were given time to recover. And so the fishing was reopened.

    Pacific sardine is the champion among fish in the content of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Pacific sardine also has no carbohydrates, which allows it to be included in a carbohydrate-free diet.

    Pacific sardine, salt, bay leaf, black pepper.
    Nutritional value:
    fat: 23 g, protein: 17 g
    Energy value:
    261 kcal / 1083 kJ


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