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Canned MACKEREL in oil

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    Mackerel has a high content of fatty acids and B vitamins, and is recommended for regular use by children, the elderly people, and young mothers. Canned, it is used as a snack, for making fish soup, pates and salads, main courses and sandwiches. 

    Beneficial features of natural Atlantic fish: 

    • fatty acids support heart and brain health, strengthen immunity and prolong the body's youth;
    • vitamins B2, B1, PP, E are involved in haematopoiesis and microcirculation, regulate metabolic processes, improve the functioning of the brain, nervous system, and stimulate cell renewal;
    • calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium are necessary for the production of bone tissue, DNA synthesis, improving the condition of hair, nails, teeth, the functioning of the nervous system and muscles.

    The assortment includes blanched canned mackerel and fish cooked with oil. Natural Atlantic fish of fresh catch is used for production. Due to the observance of cooking technologies, tender and aromatic meat retains its natural taste and pleasant texture. Buying canned mackerel in oil of a trusted brand, you protect yourself from counterfeiting and a low-quality product.

    Atlantic mackerel (pieces), refined sunflower oil, salt
    Nutritional value:
    protein: 15 g, fat: 13 g
    Energy value:
    741 kJ / 177 kcal


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